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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've got to get back to the Gym...

Look what's the latest craze! naked yoga!

I came onto this picture while looking for scienceblogs-linking posts on technorati.

I had just received an email from Carl Zimmer regarding the nature paper cited in my previous post. Hopefully he'll blog about it, or at least cite it in his latest post on Herpes evolution, and wanted to check if technorati had updated my own trackback to said post.

Then I got curious about how many links to the general website there were. I can tell you, 127,362 links as of today.

One of the firsts hits was: Susie Bright's Journal:Finally: Naked Lesbian Yoga

This Susie Brights, according to her own world, "writes about sex and politics every day of the week". I understand she publishes books although I've never heard of them.

Anyway, from her post I went onto, a website with tasteful nude pictures. Worth a visit, indeed... once every couple of months or so, I guess.

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