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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

First animal optimised for supersonic flight

Muton: sharovipteryx
- don't have time now to comment, but how cool is that???

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For Your Children

Ehy, I just discpvered this fancy web-page from the Boston Children Hospital where young-fellow-toddlers can learn about latest development in bio-medical sciences...
some bio-themed flash games...
I hope you (or your children) will enjoy...

Monday, March 20, 2006


Have you ever had the curiosity of reading tomorrow's news... Today? well, now you can: have a look at
I just got to admit I love it...

an example articles: Tactical Nuclear Weapons Approved for American Consumers

make sure you check the 'science' section, it's great. just an example: Most Studies Find Nothing, Study Finds

bye bye...


Back To Work

Here I am, back again... back, to work, and back from a very long weekend spent between Turnhout and BXL... Had lots of fun, and now, even if tired, I feel ready to tackle difficult scientific problems... but don't have one for the moment... am just trying to order some analysis to be performed on some sompounds here... need data to work on... it's all very new to me, sometimes I know what to do, sometimes I do not... That's why, at the age of thirty-one, I've been given a mentor, a colleaue of name Wendy... that reminds me of Betty, the graduate student who helped me move my very first step in research long time ago, when I was still working in Italy on my degree...

Ok, now I've got to do some literature on astemizole binding motifs... hopefully someone else in the world is interested in this and will have done some work on which to build upon... have a nice week, and a nice stay in this nest!

Luca a.k.a. Gufo Dotto