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Friday, December 14, 2007

Does eco-tourism disturb Gorillas?

So, here's the fact: I am going to Rwanda (Yes, we know, Luca) next week, and once there my GF's family wants to take me to see the gorillas.

Now I understand that it's nice they're making a conservation effort, so that even if the thing is expensive (500US$/person) it's better than local people shooting the primates for food then clearing the forest for coffee.

But, as far as I understand it, Gorillas are a very shy kind of primates, and may possibly be ennoyed by the continuous stream of tourist, how much concealed they are...

I'd personally go and look at other primates, Chimps in primis as they seem much more active and humans. And I don't know why, but I believe they may suffer less from the human interaction.

So I ask to the primatologists between you, should I stay or should I go? What is your take?

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Eccomi qua di nuovo. parecchio tempo passato dall'ultimo post. troppo ipegnato fra terminare l'articolo di lunghezza indefinita, che sembra tendere asintoticamente verso le 16 pagine perennemente in correzione, preparare i documenti x il Rwanda e tutto il resto. Includi nel mix una influenza davvero malvagia nell'ultimo fine settimana...

Ora tutto sembra finito, oggi e la prossima settimana dovrebbero essere piu' rilassati. mi auguro. a piu' tardi x un post meno vacuo.