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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kemplerer Rosettes

here's something that I've always wanted to be able to do: solar system building... do you know about lagrangian points? if you don't, and you aren't really interested, then I'd suggest you to skip to the next post. But if you are, and you happened to read Larry Niven's Puppeteers saga, aka "The known space", youll love this website...

let's see if I can embed one of the java applets... YES!!! click on it, and start the simulation ;-)

impressive, isn't it? the two planets at the lagrangian points are in stable positions, but since their mass is a little too much compared to the central one, they become unstable with time... and one of them ends up thrown away from the system (the pink one)

now be good boys, and visit the page linked there's much more fun to be had!!!

(and this includes a kemplerer rosetta of 48 planets!!!)

Home, sweet home...

No work today... as promised, I'm at home, enjoying the many vacation days left in my pocket thanks to the crazy elgian work system...

all of us at work have so many days to take that we don't know how to do... I mean, there's work to be done...

anyway, here I am, in my salon writing up my thesis... I've corrected/extended a good chunk of chapter ten, science is fun 'cause while reading what you wrote jus some days ago, and back then it did look allright, you're brought to question yourself.

yeah, right, all this I'm reading sounds good, but how do you justify these assertions? and then, down to extend, show your data in new ways, inventing new analysis methods, and so on...

it's heavy, but it's fun, serious!!! I swear!!! wanna take a piece?

I know i'm like Tom Sawyer in front of that palisade, convincing other boys that painting was cool and they would be moron if they didn't want to pay him to have the opportunity of painting a tiny bit.

so here I am, is there anybody who wants to give me a hand with my thesis? let's say, correct one or two paragraph? :-D

never mind, I'll manage myself...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sea Spiders

First, I didn't know they existed... if I were to tell my ex, she'd never go to the sea again (ah ah!!!)... In second place, they seems rather interesting (evo-devo-speaking) creatures...

click on the link to discover more about their origins :-)

I'm busy busy busy today

Tomorrow it's holiday (kind of, I'll spend the next two days writing up the damned tenth chapter of my thesis), and I had a deadline last monday which got pushed 'cause of unforeseen tasks to perform... anyway, here I am blogging in the nook and crannies of pipeline pilot scripting... and swearing all the way since some databases don't want to behave...

I leave you with a funny picture:

Geo-Stationary Banana Over Texas

wow, now that's an idea...

a banana-shaped baloon to float above Texas' atmosphere... I guess they want to hint something...

Isn't he cute?

a new mammal has been found in Laos, a member of a class thought to be extionct 11million years ago... isn't he cute? a rat-squirrel...

I want one... that is, if it can be bred in captivity... wouldn't that be someting? unlike many animals, it would escape extinction by becoming a pet...

thans to PalaeoBlog

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pearls Before Swine

Whatever this may mean... it's a very funny on-line comic. unfortunately, only the last month can be read for free, but it will provide you with a funny half hour. enjoy!

chimpanzees aren't

the most intelligent primates... surprisingly (for me at least), a new paper has come out that ranks primates' average cognitive abilities as tested bya series of tests. Orang-utans arrive first... chimps are only second, and blah blah... full list below;

1. Orang-utan
2. Chimpanzee
3. Spider monkey
4. Gorilla
5. Surili
6. Macaque
7. Mandrill
8. Guenon
9. Mangabey
10. Capuchin
11. Woolly monkey
12. Gibbon
13. Baboon
14. Slow loris
15. Night monkey
16. Ruffed lemur
17. Brown lemur
18. Fork-marked lemur
19. Ring-tailed lemur
20. Bushbaby
21. Squirrel monkey
22. Mouse lemur
23. Marmoset
24. Talapoin

we don't feature in the list, you might have noticed... possibly 'cause we don'ty really belong there...

I wonder how did they weight the importance of different tests. I guess they say it in the paper, but I don't have the time to read it...

Mapping my friends... again...

In the morning...

...what's best than a Hot Cup Of Joe? PalaeoAnthropology a go-go, babe... ;-

Monday, November 13, 2006


a moving movie...

they can really fly!!!

My bro's place

let's see if I can manage to show it on the map...

Jeremy Clarkson reviews the BRERA!!!

Jeremy Clarkson blurbs and rants about global warming for the first part of his weekly commentary on Times Online. Sigh! I wish I could believe him, but quite frankly, I can't. On the second part, tough, he introduces us to his thoughts about Alfa prettiest coupe... the Brera...

I've seen it a couple of times at the dealer, and zooming around the city... very pretty car, although it looks kind of heavy...

ciao ciao... more news to come about my weekend, when I get round to it...