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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

chimpanzees aren't

the most intelligent primates... surprisingly (for me at least), a new paper has come out that ranks primates' average cognitive abilities as tested bya series of tests. Orang-utans arrive first... chimps are only second, and blah blah... full list below;

1. Orang-utan
2. Chimpanzee
3. Spider monkey
4. Gorilla
5. Surili
6. Macaque
7. Mandrill
8. Guenon
9. Mangabey
10. Capuchin
11. Woolly monkey
12. Gibbon
13. Baboon
14. Slow loris
15. Night monkey
16. Ruffed lemur
17. Brown lemur
18. Fork-marked lemur
19. Ring-tailed lemur
20. Bushbaby
21. Squirrel monkey
22. Mouse lemur
23. Marmoset
24. Talapoin

we don't feature in the list, you might have noticed... possibly 'cause we don'ty really belong there...

I wonder how did they weight the importance of different tests. I guess they say it in the paper, but I don't have the time to read it...

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