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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Movie of (her) life

that's something interesting: a girl takes a picture of herself every day, for three years:

pity that she doesn't change that much. I wish someone did it with some child: I wish I had had the idea and taken piccies of my lil brother from 12 to 17. now, that would have been cool...

kudos to the Allen Almanac (found, as usual, via pharyngula)

and for more stop-motion human animations fun, check out this: a guy takes a picture of her wife every other day while she's pregnant...

And now for some sad remembering...

It was Marcinelle's anniversary some days ago. A very sad date for all those italians who came to belgium. Frankly, I didn't really know anything about it before coming here myself. But I've been told that it's been pretty much ignored by the italian newspapers. I hope they didn't forget - as I did :-( - the other two very sad events that happened the 6th and 9th of August, 1945. Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I'm joust posting a piccie taken from Pharyngula:


I couldn't help myself, I had to post this: Some humorous french (I guess) have put up a series of animated gifs showing how the incident was seen by people of different nationalities...

the germans:

the frenchies:

les italiens:

les journalistes:

I'm on Google...

A friend was all too excited about our blogs appearing on google. that is, if you are looking for me and type in 'gufodotto'... for example.

in fact, my first reference is to the TypeKey profile which i use to comment on ScienceBlog's Pharyngula (according to Nature, the most visited science blog!!!). not strange, in fact, since every comment posted there has a link to my profile.

The second link is in fact this blog. Frankly I don't know how this may happen, except may be that Im the only gufodotto in the whole world. Fair enough...

after that, it's a trickle of references to various forum to which I do currently take part or did in the past.

As for less cryptic references to myself, searching google for "luca antonio fenu" returns as first hit an email I sent long time ago to the CCL (Comp Chem List) looking for a forgotten program for Atom Typing... the next two don't match at all, the fourth is my personal empy webpage from the University of Southampton. that's it. The rest is rubbish...

So, assuming that in the future Google's hard drives don't get erased by some cataclysmic event, and someone can put together my real name and my totem name, my grand-grand-grand -posthuman-children will be able to piece together my life from 2001 onward at least... good luck to them, I hope they'll still have a decent civilisation by then...

Best pull-line ever!!!

An old fav of video-games-'n'-comics addicted: Penny Arcade.

where the now defunct SEGA Dreamcast (my second fav console) drinks its way toa premature dismissal... and try to pull a girl at the bar... what a line!!! "Are those moon pants? 'cause that ass is outta this world!!!" (for my anglophobic friends: "Son mutande lunari quelle? xke' il tuo sedere non e' di questo pianeta" - no, it doesn't sound nearly as funny - italian is for romantics)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Comic of The Week - or - Is All Coffee Evil?

A nice strip featuring a young computer scientist graduate who start to work for a pretty Mad Female Scientist (TM) busy ironing the bugs out of her DoomsDay Machine, and her Evil (still learning) Intern.

I just post the first sunday strip which tackles with the moral dilemma associated with caffeinated beverages.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who's this?

Someone is posting bogus comments on my blog. get the hell outta here, yo'...

this is for friend only. and no, we don't want to fly cheap to canada. and if we wanted we wouldn't be using your pitiful website.

On another, more relaxed note, I see that some people I actually don't know are actually visiting my blog... romania, germany(is this who i think he is?)... you're all wellcome! and please leave a comment... bye bye!

EDIT: and the counter keeps creeping upwards! now even people from the US and Austria are coming here... welcome to you all!!!


Sooner or later you have to tackle the problem. should you give a diamond ring to your GF to ask her to marry? but that's not what I want to talk about tonight... in fact, the question has come about between me and my lovely but never mind, we'll talk about this another time.

I was reading a book (Pandora's Star - P.F. Hamilton) and there it was cited the very high thermal conductivity of diamond. And it didn't make any sense to me. I mean, thermal conductivity is provided mostly by free electron flow. and of all materials, Diamond is the hardest one, i.e. the one with less available electron of them all... To fact check on this, I did ask a person who knows about diamond. A skype-friend of mine who's engineer in a diamond mine in namibia (yes I do meet some particularly interesting people over the net)
. Tpo no avail, however. She certainly knows how to get them out of the ground, but knows nothing about their characteristic. so i went to the (free) repository of all knowledge, wikipedia, and found out that what good Ol' Peter writes is absolutely true. But also what I say it's true. In fact, diamond's "highest than everything else" conductivity is caused not by free electrons, but by phonons, which because of the very regular 3D structure of the crystal lattice can propagate very efficiently. This is SO COOL!!! Oh God I do love science. And on this diamond bombshell, it's time to say goodnight!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Jeremy Clarkson as a London mayor

at least that's what he's saying in his weekly ranting on the times. just what we need. a global-warming-denying petrol-head directing the busiest city in the western world.

NB: I still have to read more than the first two lines, but I thought I'll update later on on the factual content.

EDIT: now I've read it. it's full of its usual rant-rubbish... but I guess it is as usual, show.

coming back

to posting on this blog. am sorry if I went away for a while. but life tends to become hectic, at periods, here in flat-land...

I do have a draft-post containing pictures of my new house, to satisfy the curiosity of some friends who've been asking this for oh so long time. but haven't found the time to put it together as it deserves.

As for the news, I just spent the week end stranded in turnhout as my car's turbo-compressor kicked the bucket... it's now at the dealer and I'm running around by bike and loving every moment of it. well, except when it rains, that is.

for a change, my GF has come up here rather than me driving down to brussels, and we've gone around by bike. the fields around are crisscrossed by cycle paths (as every civil region of earth should be) and it's incredible the amount of people that actually enjoy it. at least for some one like me from sassari, sardinia, where the only person above 14 to use the bike
as a transport method really were me, my brother Carlo and a few others.


other than that (cycling), thanks to my lovely Marie I was able to go on a brief hunting expedition to Ikea to finally get two stylish-modern-looking-suspended armchairs, and then experimenting in the kitchen. as a result, I'm one Kg heavier today, but I now am comfortably sure that I know how to do Pasta with Scampi and Courgettes (zucchine), and Salmon and Gamberi spiedini (brochettes)... All this with a side serving of Melanzane with tomato/basilico sauce, and ricotta secca. and, of course, a good glass of white wine (Le Arenarie, Sella & Mosca, 2004). hope your mouth is watering by now... may be next time we'll have a barbecue together?