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Monday, August 07, 2006

coming back

to posting on this blog. am sorry if I went away for a while. but life tends to become hectic, at periods, here in flat-land...

I do have a draft-post containing pictures of my new house, to satisfy the curiosity of some friends who've been asking this for oh so long time. but haven't found the time to put it together as it deserves.

As for the news, I just spent the week end stranded in turnhout as my car's turbo-compressor kicked the bucket... it's now at the dealer and I'm running around by bike and loving every moment of it. well, except when it rains, that is.

for a change, my GF has come up here rather than me driving down to brussels, and we've gone around by bike. the fields around are crisscrossed by cycle paths (as every civil region of earth should be) and it's incredible the amount of people that actually enjoy it. at least for some one like me from sassari, sardinia, where the only person above 14 to use the bike
as a transport method really were me, my brother Carlo and a few others.


other than that (cycling), thanks to my lovely Marie I was able to go on a brief hunting expedition to Ikea to finally get two stylish-modern-looking-suspended armchairs, and then experimenting in the kitchen. as a result, I'm one Kg heavier today, but I now am comfortably sure that I know how to do Pasta with Scampi and Courgettes (zucchine), and Salmon and Gamberi spiedini (brochettes)... All this with a side serving of Melanzane with tomato/basilico sauce, and ricotta secca. and, of course, a good glass of white wine (Le Arenarie, Sella & Mosca, 2004). hope your mouth is watering by now... may be next time we'll have a barbecue together?


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juan said...

Hi luca

I am sorry but I stoped my blog :|

Don't worry I am secretly working on another one much better in terms of HTML handling I let you know mate


Thumbs up as well