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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pino e gli anticorpi - omaggio a bergman?

grazie a sassareserie x il filmato.

A new Contender

to the title of gufodotto's camera of the next years:

Panasonic DMC-FZ18
Tuesday, 24 July 2007 08:00 GMT

In addition to two new 'pocketable' compacts Panasonic has revealed the latest FZ series 'super zoom' model, the eighteen times optical zoom FZ18. This camera mates its (tiny) eight megapixel CCD to a lens which provides the equivalent of 28 to 504 mm on a 35 mm camera, plus it's optical image stabilization. Just like the compacts the FZ18 gets 'Intelligent Auto Mode' and automatic LCD backlight control. The FZ18 is (on paper) a compelling option considering how much glass you'd have to carry around to match it with a digital SLR (ignoring other factors such as high ISO performance, lens quality and focusing speed).

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Press Release:

Panasonic’s DMC-FZ18

Snapped from DPreview.

Doing Yoga at your Desk

From the silly suggestions department:People who work at their desks all day tend to stay in one position for a long time. The exercises in these videos are designed to counter the effects of sitting at your desk. We suggest that you start with Part 1 below and then move on to Parts 2 and 3. Each video is about the length of your coffee break.Or, I say, just take a coffee break. This way you get to see Barbie Girl ;-)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Which super zoom digicam to choose?

Ok, here I am with my new dilemma. My old Nikon Coolpix is kicking the bucket, as the battery flap lost the hinge and keeps popping open. I love the camera but it's become unreliable, and frankly speaking I would like something which pucks some more punch, especially at the telephoto end. Plus, all the usual needs such as higher resolution (not really), better image quality and so on. A big lens would also helps in low light at short distances, I hope, another of the weak points.
Anyway, my alltime favorite was a konica-Minolta Dimage Z-X (X=2,3,5...) but apparently they're discontinued.

So I have to hunt for a substitute - my requisites are:

  1. at least a 12X Zoom, 'cause I want to take picture of squirrel far away. Plus, going to Africa in December, I don't want to have to get TOO close to lions and hippos to take a decent shot.
  2. AA Batteries, if I can, and SD Cards too. I don't want difficult and expensive proprietary formats such as xD cards (understood, Fuji and Olympus?) nor Memory Sticks (Sony? Drop them!). Ditto for batteries. If I run out of juice I want to be able to spend 10Euros for a new pack, not 40. Damn!
  3. Oh, Video + Audio (stereo if I am not asking too much) would be good, availability of an underwater case (although I can still use the old one for diving, if I can find the case again)
and now, the candidates:

There's also some unlikely outsiders:

As you may have noticed, most of them have SLR-like bodies but can't swap lenses. I am too lazy for this I just want a camera with a good zoom, for nature and travel pictures. Macro is important but am not an expert so manual modes and all those jargon-priority leave me baffled. I do not plan on printing the piccies but I definitely want to look at them on a 20" HD LCD screen. Other people would probably get my shows through Picasa.

Please help me out. I already have had some feedback but want some more unbiased, from expert and not so. Voice your opinion and thanks in advance!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Bloggies

It's been a while since I've updated my blogroll.

I am inserting today one more link to a friend's blog: Emiliano is a guy from my birth-city, and he was my pusher for many years, when his bookshop was the only reliable source of comic book in the whole city. Of course you could get them elsewhere, but only there you had your pigeon-hole where he'd carefully slot the latest copy of DragonBall or Ranma 1/2. I still come around the bookshop every time I'm around there, although I rarely if ever get the time to read the stuff. Comics have bored me, sort of. The latest manga look boy-ish, Bonelli's are monotonous and badly told. Most likely, exposure to the broader stream of english literature opened my eyes on the real (lack of) quality of (some, most) comic books. Only the old glories I can keep reading, but it' most likely due to the emotions they re-awake in me than anything else.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Last Saturday? I was there.

I went to the Gentse Feesten, la festa di Gent, a huge musical festival, with five or more simultaneous concerts ongoing throughout the old city.

It's a very nice city indeed, although this saturday was a tad crowded.

Music was good (although I am certainly not the reference ear), I switched between three groups of friends, italians, colleague and some flemish friends of a friend - plus, this
friend of mine (Daniele) truly is a girls-magnet, and hooked up three very young and pretty italian-speaking (and -loving) flemish girls at a bar, just by standing there. What's the secret of his animal magnetism? who knows? Most likely, the fact that he's natural and outgoing. differently from me, introverse and grumpy at times.

Anyway, it was good, but I hope I'll get there sometimes soon with the same nice weather and less crowd, to have a look at the REAL Gent.

wanna see more pictures? have a look here (may be I'll be within the crowd, who knows?)

Non mi chiedermi

Just discovered this silly and funny song!!!

I know it's old but who cares! Here's the lyrics too:

Ciao, mi piacerebbe avere un telefonino che manda i messaggini con tantissimi caratteri
così potrei scriverti
"Ti amo" con un milione di "o"
e verrebbe pressappoco così:

Non mi chiedermi di avere un equilibrio
anche in quei giorni
Non mi chiedermi di farti
lo stufato quando torni
Non mi chiedermi il teorema di Pitagora
non ho la licenza media
in prima mi bocciarono
Non mi chiedermi di avere gambe lisce come seta
la ricrescita è una piaga e non mi basta
una "lameta"
ci vorrebbe un diserbante dedicato
io ce l'ho
spero solo che rispetti il mio pH

(Girl band)
Quanta spontaneità nei miei modi schietti
(Wooden Chicks)
le mie movenze e i completini perfetti
(Girl band)
o quando uno è naturale è naturale
(Wooden Chicks)
tra l'altro questo motivetto niente male

Non mi chiedermi l'orgasmo che non so come si scrive
Non mi chiedermi se ho sexy più la fronte o le gengive
Non mi chiedermi di coniugarti i verbi
non li so
"se li avrei saputi mo' te l'imparavo"
Non mi chiedermi di amarti con le tecniche orientali
Non cercare di sorprendermi all'incrocio dei miei pali
Non mi chiedermi di rivelarti dove ho il punto G
con il mio alfabeto arrivo fino a F

(Girl band)
Belle ragazze con le gambe perfette
(Wooden Chicks)
noi siamo tope dalle vedute strette
(Girl band)
sinceramente non capisco chi ci biasima
(Wooden Chicks)
nei nostri play-back ci mettiamo l'anima

(Frankie Hi in rap)
Tu tipico prototipo di donna libera
tutta acqua e sapone non ti dai
nemmeno un'aria
tu così lucida ed estera
tu che sei più semplice di un
mosaico con una tessera
tu hai più colori di una gerbera
venere berbera
tu genuina come il barbera
tu che non mi dai mai l'idea
di aver la minima idea
di quel che dai

"Se saprei" parlare senza farti diventare rosso
"Se dovrei" vestire i panni senza toglierli di dosso
"Se potrei" dir cose meno imbarazzanti le direi
ma non sarei più gradita in una Girl...

(Girl band)
Quanta spontaneità nei miei modi schietti
(Wooden Chicks)
le mie movenze e i completini perfetti
(Girl band)
o quando uno è naturale è naturale
(Wooden Chicks)
tra l'altro questo motivetto niente male
(Girl band)
Belle ragazze con le gambe perfette
(Wooden Chicks)
gagliarde tope dalle vedute strette
(Girl band)
sinceramente non capisco chi ci biasima
(Wooden Chicks)
nei nostri play-back ci mettiamo l'anima

Post, post, post

Posto, ergo sum.

Traffic has gone down considerably, I can only imagine why. My average number of posts x day has decreased even more dramatically.

It's not that I don't know what to post about, it's just that I'm damn busy with so many things and don't have the time to share. I don't even have the time, most of the days, to check my blogs of interest, if not in a very cursory way.

coming up: which super-zoom digicam should I buy?