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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Bloggies

It's been a while since I've updated my blogroll.

I am inserting today one more link to a friend's blog: Emiliano is a guy from my birth-city, and he was my pusher for many years, when his bookshop was the only reliable source of comic book in the whole city. Of course you could get them elsewhere, but only there you had your pigeon-hole where he'd carefully slot the latest copy of DragonBall or Ranma 1/2. I still come around the bookshop every time I'm around there, although I rarely if ever get the time to read the stuff. Comics have bored me, sort of. The latest manga look boy-ish, Bonelli's are monotonous and badly told. Most likely, exposure to the broader stream of english literature opened my eyes on the real (lack of) quality of (some, most) comic books. Only the old glories I can keep reading, but it' most likely due to the emotions they re-awake in me than anything else.

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PAC said...

After all, when i read a (comic) book i'm looking for emotions. Or more precisely, i'm looking for ideas, the source of emotions (old or new). Surely it's hard to find new ideas after some decade of readings, but i think that good readings stay good readings during the years :). That is in my opinion you shouldn't consider your old ones (i.e. translated comics) only under a nostalgic based point of view: another possibility is that you were lucky enough to start directly with the best material (for different reasons, not related to your will :) ).That sayd, i must agree with you that in general is better to have a wide choice rather then letting others chose instead of you, but that's a matter of maturity ;).