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Friday, July 28, 2006


half an hour ago I managed to get back home - just. it started to rain. heavily. I mean it. like tropical storm, albeit I've nevcer been to the tropics. anyway, here's the result. I'm stuck home, since one exit of the road is flooded.

(I know, it's sideway, I couldn't be arsed to flip it.)

and the other end is gridlocked by a trafic jam... damn... it's my girlfriend's birthday
today, I did what I could to free up myself, but to no avail. there must be some kind of curse upon me...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

another one...

Oh, my, this one is soooo goood...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

survival of the cutest

these hot summer days (yes, hot, in belgium) mosquitoes are a real nuisance... they get in my room while I'm reading my books after dark, and wait until I'm half asleep to start zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-ing around my ear. if you want to suck my blood, just do it and the hell with the noise. let me sleep!!! for the moment, I amuse my present and past sleeping partner by waking in the middle of the night and going hunting. pretty refined tactics, too, now I know they tend to hide on the underside of ledges in furnitures. the little bastards are very good at this... may be one day we will move to another planet, and will not bring the with us... we will finally get rid of them... but... is this going to be such a good idea? here's a nice comic strip on the subject...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Dance like a monkey!!!!

may be, not many of you know about Intelligent Design and Creationism issues in the Us of A. Some of you do know that I do care about this though... here's a videoclip from someone else who seems to care too... I'm loving this song!!! got to blast it through the lab at full power!!!

Oh, Iforgot, the song is from The New York Dolls, which is (I am told) a thirty year old pre-punk band...

and continuing on the evolution-based songs, here we go with Emerald Rose's : We come from monkeys - lyrics here

Wanna know?

What will happen in the next seventy thousand years? look at the past: The loom has a nice post about it. it talks about a recenta paper in PNAS regarding the evolution of earliest primates, and their voyage around a world deeply changed by global warming - whatever caused it back then, 55 Milions years ago...