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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why God killed the dinosaurs?

Hylarious Lyrics:

God sent the dinosaurs to protect Jesus
from the Jews
Sodomites, and black people too

Dinosaurs and people used to chill all day
When dinosaurs felt bad they'd call up people
And know everything was gonna be O.K.

But then a bunch of people were really really bad
And this made God really really mad

So he made a flood to kill all he could
And Noah couldn't help the dinosaurs
Because his boat was made of wood

And as the waters rose
The dinosaurs climbed Mr. T-Rex's nose

And everybody watched on deck
As the dinosaurs broke Mr. T-Rex's neck

And all the animals started to cry
As they watched all their
Dinosaurs friends die

God why'd you kill Mr. Dinosaur
I wanted him to live you wanted him to die more
And now Jesus is nailed to the cross
He can't get saved by Mr. Triceratops
And the Jews are gonna eat him
Because the Romans didn't feed them

And their claws are out and their teeth are bare and Mr. T-Rex would save him if he was there

God why'd you kill Mr. Dinosaur he was my best friend why couldn't you ignore

The fact he had big teeth
Or was it 'cos he was green?
Was it because he ate people?
Or because he was mean?
Was it because he had no soul?
Or that he lacked a heart?
Was it because it'd smell so bad everytime he'd fart?

Is that why you killed Mr. Dinosaur?
Is that why you killed Mr. Dinosaur?
Is that why you killed Mr. Dinosaur?
God why'd you kill Mr. Dinosaur?


One of my all-time favourites

Friday, April 13, 2007

Planet Smasher

I feel rather destructive today...

Little blogging today

I'm in the middle of a work crisis, with just a few days left to complete a big work (pKa prediction assessment), and write it up in a decent form for an internal meeting. At the same time, I should also prepare my future work to be discussed at the very same meeting.

So, a big cut to my networks frequentations. Can't afford to mess up right now, especially not after the less-than-lacklustre brainstorming of last wednesday, which i completely forgot and to which I went completely unprepared - well, not completely. I did prepare myself to bullshit my way through it. Thankfully, I managed to introduce the subjects then left the conversation and sci-thinking to my supervirsors.

And now, I do have a vague idea of what I'll be spending my next months on.

Not killing rats, apparently, since the one needed to overcome my surgical inexperience are way too expensive... well, I don't know whether to be happy or sad for this. I would have loved to learn something completely new, it would have given me the kick... but at the same time... Would I be up to it? I don't sincerely know. That's it. Have a nice weekend.

Luca's out of the net.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What am I?

Or, gufo's fifteen days of desperation and self-pity.

I'm noI don't understand whether I at working properly these days. Not at all, in fact. I don't understand whether this may mean that I am an underachiever, i.e. a person which for some reason (mine would be laziness I guess) is not using all of his skills. Or an overachiever, which by the definition sounds to me like an educated way to tell you that your son is dumb. In my case, it may mean that my education is gone beyond my ability to understand it. Yep, dumb dumb dumb.

Else I am neither of them and am just bored and lazy. May be I should just get the ball rolling, and let inertia drive me away...

will try tomorrow/

see you then.

did I tell you I bought Clerks?

Worth all its 3 euros.

Two hours of my life wasted

Because Belgian government wants me to complete my tax return form. Which would be fine by me, if it were not that our glorious company affords us the help of DeLoitte, apparently the best people around the planet when it comes to filling these things. So everything, is OK, you'd guess? Nopt really, since these damn people are so picky they want to count you tiniest pubic hair. At this point, I wionder, wouldn't I be better off simply having to fill in the form myself? pah!

Rolling on the floor laughing.

At easter, I was relegated to sit with the boys, which was fine by me, since I get along better with them. We did talk about videogames, and all other things that matters in life, universe, and everything.

After lunch, we also kicked an air-filled pig gallbladder, in the old posrt once known as football.

And when we were too tired and it was too cold to stay outside, we went exploring youtube, and they introduced me to this:

and this:

and again, this:

there's more on the net, just check out the related of these three. enjoy.

New piccies

New piccies are online:


I found back my digicam

so may be am not going to buy a new one. or may be I am. the one I already have I can keep for rugged experiences, like biking, diving (have the underwater shell) and so on. The new one I will use for serious things, like parties, but also photographically worth subjects. Woah, I know I'll end up using the new one most of the times. Mostly 'cause I'm interested in nature photography, and it's when I am in trekking or other kind of hiking that I can get nice shots. No?

Anyway, I'll have to buy a new compact flash since the old one got lost God knows where.

See? what did I tell you?

I went to the science tab of the NYTimes and was graced by this interesting article about speed-dating. And how picky people spend more time actually discarding people, than looking for the right one, just because there's so much choice.

I've experienced this myself, not with girls (ah!) but whenever I've had to buy a piece of electronic equipment online. The easy availability of informations online pushes you to consider things in a digicam which you would never, in a more normal state of mind. I mean, does it really matter if it does have that feature that you'll use may be once or twice in five years? and even so, since you never have, you will forget about? Better to focus, spend a minimum time to have an overview, and then go with what's good enough for you. The same thing is, I guess, true for dating. Certainly, there may be someone perfect waiting for you. But is it likely that you'll meet him? And if so, is it likely to come home with you? Are you really the right person for him? If he's so good, what are the chances that he'll be free?

Funny that, when scientist analysed speed dating, they saw that people were less picky then than online. Part because the choice was limited, 20 people instead of 20 Millions: and part because they could see the competition right there, so they had a spur to settle for someone good enough and compatible, rather than buying time and wait for better offers at the next round. I wonder what would happen if a (pretty) actress was mixed in the bunch. Would the other girls be less picky? and would the males be more picky, seeing a nicer-than-average example?

and on the same topic, I did buy my car in a rush, when I saw that the one I was eyeing out were quickly disappearing. To avoid having to wait for the next round, I got one which I liked, enough, not in a supreme way, and got it. I am happy with it, apart for minor gripes.

Like Sex? Move to a western country - not Italy though.

It looks like that from the Survey on enjoying sex published by the NY Times (click on it to get a higher resolution)

The other thing I noticed was that Italians gave very low scores to either physical and emotional pleasure, yet the perceived importance of sex is on the same level of France and South Africa, were satisfaction scores are much higher.

So, are italian lousy lovers, or more demanding ones? And how this vouches for our reputation abroad? Ahi ahi ahi...

It must also be noted, though, that the survey include only people aged 40-80. So, may be, italians view sex as something athletic, that younger people can get the most out of.

Top News of the week (for me)

The NY Times gracefully sends me the top ten news f the list - I don't know how they select them, I know that in their web page they have tabs for the most e-mailed, the most blogged, and so on. Anyway, here's my take on their selection:

It’s Not You, It’s Your Apartment.

Birds Do It. Bees Do It. People Seek the Keys to It.

Lessons of Heart Disease, Learned and Ignored.

A Great Year for Ivy League Schools, but Not So Good for Applicants to Them.

That's it. Enjoy. Once you're done with them, don't close the tab. Click on the parent directory link, i.e., Science, or Home & Garden, and discover other nice pieces. Well, Ok, you DON'T HAVE to click on Home & Garden :-| - unless you like ko. :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And now, for something completely different...

No, I am not going to post about the Monthy Pithon. Some of you may be shocked at the news, but I don't think too much of them actually. there's funnier things around, frankly. At least, in my personal opinion. Let's give some examples: I have been reading "Silent Bob Speaks", a collection of short assays and columns written by "Indie Filmaker Kevin Smith", as he's erroneously defined (by his own admission) by the movie press the world around. He's the guy between Clerks (both one and two), Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Oh, and Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl too - haven't seen the last two though.

Anyway, the book is funny, as are the movies. I mean, funny. Real funny, although not as funny as the movies are in some parts. I am not particularly fond of fart and dick jokes, but Kevin Smith doesn't overdo them. And he's wehther you like it or not, a clever guy. He just happens to drop oily stools. Yuk!

Anyway, check the book out. better yet, check the movies out, I found clerks on sale for 3 Euros yesterday, which is more or less how much is worth it - especially considering that I could DL'd it from the net for almost free. It's less than the rental price, yet you get to keep the thingy. Nifty uh? But really, check it out, you will not regret it.

And check out his website too. View Askew. Free reads and nice bits.

I know I should not

blog and read around, with all the things I've got to do today. But will just steal three minutes to pint you to an interesting bit:

Kerala Articles

It will end up in my blogroll as soon as I can. Cheers.

Tracking a meme as it multiplies.

Here's something I always wanted to do. You have an idea, write about it, or talk to your friends, then they write or talk to others, and your idea spread, at the same time changing, becoming more complex - this is the essence of memetics, as envisioned by Richard Dawkins. Until now, tracking a meme was a very hard thing to do, but not anymore. in the age of blog, memes can be tracked back to their origins, as long as persons who propagate it link back to the place wehere they first read. It would be nice to have an easy, automated way of checking the path of a meme. Well, it is possible. Here.

So, since Laelaps asked, "Why do I blog?"

Well, a mix of many things in fact. Down somewhere in my mind there's the dream of earning my bread (and butter) by writing about science, rather than helping it grow from within. I did realise my writing skills weren't up to scratch, yet, so I decided to try myself at a blog. Also, the blog works as a place where I can point out interesting ideas to my old friends, with whom I share many intellectual interests - also, it makes for an easy searchable virtual memory. Finally, there's the diary part. I do have good memory, but I believe that putting things down in writings will help me to better re-live those events, once some years have passed. I plan on blogging for my whole life, possibly changing ways with the evolving technology. May be some of my future children or nephew will enjoy reading my blurbs. who knows?

so, it's my time to help the meme spread now:

Darren, Ilalice, Gupy, Pac, Paolo?

Easter is gone.

And it was a nice one. I spent it up in Anthisnes, with my fiancee family, eating and talking and having fun in general. Yes ok sometimes I'd get crossed at the different way they do things compared to what I am used to, but all in all it has been a positive experience. I've met plenty of interesting people, like Desiree's sons, and desiree himself, who I hope I'll be able to talk to sometime soon. And the gorgeous tiny Adeline, who gave new colors to my "Dr Tatiana's" book. Literally, since during lunch she was put to sleep in my bedroom and took some pens from my gf's purse and started scribbling not only the book, but the floor and the walls too!!! but she's so cute...

And I also enjoyed riding by bike the countryside around, I went on saturday for a two-hour long tour in the small dusty and rocky roads (pictures to follow). Incredibly funny, I thought I'd be out of breath after a couple km but no, I kept going and having fun like I did not since... I don't know, many years - on a bike.

The food was good too, the dinner with Marie's friends and relatives wasn't exactly african-themed, except for the "Lake Victoria's capitain" fish she roasted in the oven - and oh, the rwandese-grown avocados. A bit of Sardinia was present in the shape of deep-fried aubergibne with tomato sauce and dried ricotta cheese. I think they liked them.

That's it, for the moment, I have to go back to work and today is going to be heavy, with a brainstorm supposed to decide what the hell I am going to spend my bext few months on. Meeting for which I feel (I am) terribly unprepared. Gosh!

See you soon, and thanks for stopping by.