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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why God killed the dinosaurs?

Hylarious Lyrics:

God sent the dinosaurs to protect Jesus
from the Jews
Sodomites, and black people too

Dinosaurs and people used to chill all day
When dinosaurs felt bad they'd call up people
And know everything was gonna be O.K.

But then a bunch of people were really really bad
And this made God really really mad

So he made a flood to kill all he could
And Noah couldn't help the dinosaurs
Because his boat was made of wood

And as the waters rose
The dinosaurs climbed Mr. T-Rex's nose

And everybody watched on deck
As the dinosaurs broke Mr. T-Rex's neck

And all the animals started to cry
As they watched all their
Dinosaurs friends die

God why'd you kill Mr. Dinosaur
I wanted him to live you wanted him to die more
And now Jesus is nailed to the cross
He can't get saved by Mr. Triceratops
And the Jews are gonna eat him
Because the Romans didn't feed them

And their claws are out and their teeth are bare and Mr. T-Rex would save him if he was there

God why'd you kill Mr. Dinosaur he was my best friend why couldn't you ignore

The fact he had big teeth
Or was it 'cos he was green?
Was it because he ate people?
Or because he was mean?
Was it because he had no soul?
Or that he lacked a heart?
Was it because it'd smell so bad everytime he'd fart?

Is that why you killed Mr. Dinosaur?
Is that why you killed Mr. Dinosaur?
Is that why you killed Mr. Dinosaur?
God why'd you kill Mr. Dinosaur?

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