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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Lots of things have happened during this week.

I went to Lille, France, giving my first ever scientific presentation in front of a hiuge audience of three hundred plus medicinal chemists, slightly puzzled at my presence there.

I feel it may have gone better, not many questions were asked so may be I didn't get my message through. Hopefully, next time will do better. The important thing is that the ice is broken, and I've shown to myself that I can stand up there.

Plus, most of the people met while there were quite interesting.

Second great thing, I finally have a date for my PhD Viva: the 6 or 7 of August I will be once again crossing the channel to reach Southampton, and defend my thesis in front of an internal examiner (not yet chosen) plus an industrial external (can't disclose his name yet).

In the meanwhile, I am supposed to set straight my work record, by properly finishing the pKa prediction evaluation, and write up my Guinea-Pig CardioVascular paper.

lots of things to handle in so few weeks. we'll see how I fare.

see you soon. Gotta go and mow the lawn, right now.