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Monday, June 30, 2008

Windows is for Wimps

'cause, can you do this?

main=$PWD; for dir in `\ls`; do [ -d $main/$dir ] && cd $main/$dir && echo && echo && echo $main/$dir"\n" && echo && /ppr/cadd/pkgs/openeye/bin/babel3 -i `\ls -c1 *.oeb.gz| head -n1` -o $dir.sdf -n 1 && cp -v $dir.sdf $dir-on-GCRS.ROCS.sdf && for gzed in `\ls *.oeb.gz`; do [ -f $PWD/$gzed ] && sdf=`echo $gzed | sed s/'.oeb.gz'/'.sdf'/` && /ppr/cadd/pkgs/openeye/bin/babel3 -i $gzed -o $sdf -skip 1 && cat $sdf>>$dir-on-GCRS.ROCS.sdf && rm -v $sdf && sleep 1s; done; python ../ --in=$dir-on-GCRS.ROCS.sdf --out=$dir-on-ROCS.oeb.gz --blanks_first --sdtag=ComboScore && rm -rv $dir-on-GCRS.ROCS.sdf && sleep 3s; done; cd $main;

or this?

while read line; do echo "${line}"; option=${line}; opt=`echo $option| sed s/\ //g`; echo $option \=\> $opt; for data in `echo IV1 IV2 IS`; do grep -A 100 Evaluation */$data/*-$data.$opt | tee logs/onTrain/${data}${opt}-performances.log; done; done < <(cat

John Rambo

Hi, after a long iatus. I saw this movie yesterday, and boy, it has a higher body count than Saving Private Ryan... (what follows has a lots of spoilers. be warned)

It's not a bad movie, per se, it's just that it isn't as good as it could have been. They certainly went the extra-mile to show how gory war can be. People don't just die, they explode as if they were nothing more than baloons filled with blood and intestines... Arrows pierce heads as if they were watermelons... landmines blow leags and bodies in two different directions...

Stallone has a monolithic presence on the big screen. He's so tough that he doesn't even have to utter a word to annoy people around him, especially the boss of the mercenary group he's leading into the Burmese jungle... And of course, he can shoot arrows quicker than anybody can draw a gun... Kind of a post-modern Willem Tell. What is missing, in the movie, is a point. A story. A reason for it all. But then, may be that's OK, as it goes to show Rambo cynical and disenchanted attitude towards the world, especially towards those people he tries to dissuade from looking into trouble, only to have to save them after... The war is brutal, but I felt like the Burmese troops didn't really put up a fight here, I mean, if the soviet could not be a match for John, how can they? So, from the point of view of fun, they are like, well, trees waiting to be felled by him...

Cool trick, with the british bomb though.

Enough spoilers...