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Friday, September 01, 2006

To AdSense, or not to AdSense?

here's the question. should I subscribe to adsense advertisement and let them stick some box with ads from which I can gain a sh*tload of money (unlikely since the measy trafic of this weblog, but you never know...)
Frankly, I don't think I should. if only 'cause they'd go somewhere where I don't want them to be... On the other side, I'm very curious about what kind of ads google will think are 'appropriate' to this blog... but what if once subscribed I can't get the bloody thing out of my html code?

any suggestions? any one who's already had experience on this?

La scritta sul muro

and here it is a blog (italian only, I'm sorry) with some hilarious signposts/graffiti from (w)all(s) over the world...

just an example of what you'll find in there:

damn, I had to hack the html code in the site to grab the pic. I hate when people disable the right-click menus...

Back in the water

I've finally made it. I managed to wake up early enough to go to swim right before working... I know that many readers may find this very strange, and borderline crazy, but that's the best way to start the day for me. I've been going to the gym, or to swim, or both, in the morning for the mosty part of my extended PhD time. and before, at University in Italy, I would study until 10 and then rush down to my friend Fulvio's gym (PaleXtra 2000 - Fulvio, come on, put up a nice web site!!!).

I had abandoned this healthy habit after moving to the new house in April - in fact I started doing sport in the evening after I moved to Belgium. But I didn't like it, really, in the evening I like to relax, watch a lil bit of TV (I have a penchant for humour romantic TV series, such as Ally Mc Beal, and Desperate Housewives). So it really wasn't ideal to trin after work. Some people find it relaxing. It takes the stress they accumulate during the day, at work. I don't. Sport is not for relaxing, is for training. And your mind must be fresh if you want to be able to handle those weight seriously.

But work here has been getting heavier and heavier, and at the evening I pledged to finish off my PhD thesis, so I had to relinquish something. Either my lovely girlfriend, or sport. Which way would you have gone?

What convinced me to do the effort to get back was a streak of pain in my back in the last week (some friends say this was 'caused' by my GF, but I like to think of myself as a gentleman so I can't confirm (nor deny). Anyway, it made work impossible, thanks to the wonderful hammock/chairs that some architect decided would fit the hyper-space workplace. I'd rather sit on a wooden bench.

but never mind, 'cause this pushed me to enter the water once again. which is good, I have to shed some weight (not really, rather put up some in the right places) and get back in shape for my brother's wedding the end of this month. Otherwise the suite I bought last year will not fit me...

well, I haven't spoken too much about swimming, in this post. may be next time. have a nice day! :-)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A new counter

Keeping an eye on who visits the blog is important. this way I'll have a better idea of who's reading it, and then I may modify my posts accordingly. Since the NeoCounter has expired, I decided to switch over to another free counter: StatCounter
it should appear on the right hand side bar, more or less like this:

check it out, and make it tick higher and higher!!!

EDIT: may be it doesn't show in this post. but it does on the side bar, of this I'm sure.

EDIT II: never mind, can't put javascript inside my posts, apparently. well, as I said, just check the side bar. I'll do the same!

Those people at BMW are certainly funny...

here comes an old commercial from those funny germans over at BMW (click on it to start the download and play of it)

it doesn't seem to work, does it? Oh yes it does now!!!
(I'm the lord of html hack'n'slash!!!)
Enjoy the fine german humour ;-)

Humour for Geeks

Nuff' said.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Busy busy damn busy...

as the title, says, I've been damn busy this couple of weeks. writing up reports for the finishing cardiovascular projects, then at home wirting up the ninth chapter of the thesis... and finally, when i get the time/chance, trying to keep mi social life... well, alive...

some few weeks left before presenting what I did in the past six weeks to a bunch of scientist colleagues, then to management... Briefly before that a poster is going to fly to San Francisco for the ACS meeting with my name on it... the same work I'll try to publish in paper form in the next few months (keep an eye on J Med Chem) - and my boss thinks he may be good to push it for next year sheffield MGMS meeting. good! but that's for the future...

it is still september now, and it's going to be a pretty hard month... until the 23rd, that is... then finally holidays!!! getting back to sardinia to be the best man at my brother wedding... good lord I'm so waiting for this... the holidays, more than the wedding