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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A new counter

Keeping an eye on who visits the blog is important. this way I'll have a better idea of who's reading it, and then I may modify my posts accordingly. Since the NeoCounter has expired, I decided to switch over to another free counter: StatCounter
it should appear on the right hand side bar, more or less like this:

check it out, and make it tick higher and higher!!!

EDIT: may be it doesn't show in this post. but it does on the side bar, of this I'm sure.

EDIT II: never mind, can't put javascript inside my posts, apparently. well, as I said, just check the side bar. I'll do the same!


Michi said...

Ciao, sono Michi e giapponese di Tokyo. Piacere. I found you on Skype, and I read your blog, it's interesting. And this new your counter is nice, so I try it too. Anyway you might be surprised to see the visitor of StatCounter. Yes, I stayed at long long time. Sorry. I just wanted to say Grazie, because StatCounter is so nice. Ciao!

Gufo said...

Ciao michi, welcome on these pages. I returned the visit to your blogs, but couldn't leave a comment there. all the best to you and lil' Fila. ;-)