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Friday, January 12, 2007

best 50 science blog posts

Coturnix has selected some very good post appeared on scientific blogs during this last period. All of them are worth a read, many of them are excellent altogether. Plus, they cover a lot of different fields so you will not get bored.

pity that Tetrapod's Zoology isn't listed there.

enjoy ;-)

What am I reading...

As promised, here I am ready to disclose my last reads to you.

Well, I already said some time ago that I was going to start "The Botany of Desire" over the Xmas Holidays, so i did. very interesting book, talking about the effect that four plants have had on human civilisations, and we've had on them: the four plants are the Apple, the Tulip, the Cannabis, and the Potato. The book is very well written, as the author is a regular writer for the NY Times. But to my opinion, something is missing: a photographic insert would only have improved it - description are good, but as the provers says, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Other than that, i thouroughly enjoyed it and plan on reading at least some of the references cited, especially those regarding the expansion of the european ecosystem over the americas (and likewise) - and at least one book regarding the rise of angiosperms, that is, plants with flowers (and fruits).

Now that I've finished it, though, what will I read? well, my lovely girlfriend made me a wonderful present, for Xmas: Freakonomics (link to the author's website and blog), which already from the title is the kind of book I am liking more and more... more on this as soon as I start reading it (tonight, outside the airport waiting for her to get back from the eternal city.

Giveaway of the Day

Ehy, let's restart posting!!! sorry but I was too busy for a couple of days with thesis re-writing and re-starting work, so I almost forgot this blog.

here's a nice thing I discovered y/day: the software give away of the day. a neat and nice piece of software given away every day, under the condition that you install it the very same day... yesterday I got an archival/backup solution for free. not bad, since I had been looking for something similar some weeks ago. my backup setup at work is less than perfect, with limited space - this way, I can backup when i want what I want, where I want it.

there's also the corresponding website for games: don't expect far cry, but some arcade game - I DL-ed Bullet candy yesterday, and it's fun enough. :-)

My work antivirus/security suite didn't ruing any bell, so I guess there's no security threats in installing these.

I will be back soon with some more post regarding what I have been reading/doing lately.