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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend II

Uhm, nice party yesterday's... right... Me and my "hetero life-mate"* Daniele rushed to BXL after work, only to find ourselves amidst a host of spanish families with children... Nothing worng with that I just wish we had known in advance. After all, the 'serendipity' party made us find something unexpected all right... but I was more thinking to two gorgeous Natalia-Estrada-looking spanish girls... well, never mind, we went off to meet Silvia and a few of her friends ;-) Pity we had to rush home with chickens, at 11.30. may be next time we'll stay longer (definitely, it's silvia's brasilian birthday's party, next saturday... :-)

see you soon, gotta go buy some furniture, now...


* Catch the citation ;-)

Friday, March 10, 2006


Busy Week End, this one. this morning I have to sign my location contract, then will go down to BXL in the evening for a party... On saturday, I'll hunt for furniture to fill my new hide, and on sunday back to BXL to meet a very interesting (and pretty) young lady... Blegium certainly is hectic, but it's also lot of fun!!! See you on Monday, if I'm still alive!



Hi there again...

here's my preferred science website at the moment:

I feel it's very well written (no wonder, the author is a professional science writer)... and it's got nice images too, such as the tree of life which I'm re-posting here... well, i just thougth you ought to know what I like... see you soon!