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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend II

Uhm, nice party yesterday's... right... Me and my "hetero life-mate"* Daniele rushed to BXL after work, only to find ourselves amidst a host of spanish families with children... Nothing worng with that I just wish we had known in advance. After all, the 'serendipity' party made us find something unexpected all right... but I was more thinking to two gorgeous Natalia-Estrada-looking spanish girls... well, never mind, we went off to meet Silvia and a few of her friends ;-) Pity we had to rush home with chickens, at 11.30. may be next time we'll stay longer (definitely, it's silvia's brasilian birthday's party, next saturday... :-)

see you soon, gotta go buy some furniture, now...


* Catch the citation ;-)

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