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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tracking a meme as it multiplies.

Here's something I always wanted to do. You have an idea, write about it, or talk to your friends, then they write or talk to others, and your idea spread, at the same time changing, becoming more complex - this is the essence of memetics, as envisioned by Richard Dawkins. Until now, tracking a meme was a very hard thing to do, but not anymore. in the age of blog, memes can be tracked back to their origins, as long as persons who propagate it link back to the place wehere they first read. It would be nice to have an easy, automated way of checking the path of a meme. Well, it is possible. Here.

So, since Laelaps asked, "Why do I blog?"

Well, a mix of many things in fact. Down somewhere in my mind there's the dream of earning my bread (and butter) by writing about science, rather than helping it grow from within. I did realise my writing skills weren't up to scratch, yet, so I decided to try myself at a blog. Also, the blog works as a place where I can point out interesting ideas to my old friends, with whom I share many intellectual interests - also, it makes for an easy searchable virtual memory. Finally, there's the diary part. I do have good memory, but I believe that putting things down in writings will help me to better re-live those events, once some years have passed. I plan on blogging for my whole life, possibly changing ways with the evolving technology. May be some of my future children or nephew will enjoy reading my blurbs. who knows?

so, it's my time to help the meme spread now:

Darren, Ilalice, Gupy, Pac, Paolo?

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