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Thursday, April 12, 2007

What am I?

Or, gufo's fifteen days of desperation and self-pity.

I'm noI don't understand whether I at working properly these days. Not at all, in fact. I don't understand whether this may mean that I am an underachiever, i.e. a person which for some reason (mine would be laziness I guess) is not using all of his skills. Or an overachiever, which by the definition sounds to me like an educated way to tell you that your son is dumb. In my case, it may mean that my education is gone beyond my ability to understand it. Yep, dumb dumb dumb.

Else I am neither of them and am just bored and lazy. May be I should just get the ball rolling, and let inertia drive me away...

will try tomorrow/

see you then.

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