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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter is gone.

And it was a nice one. I spent it up in Anthisnes, with my fiancee family, eating and talking and having fun in general. Yes ok sometimes I'd get crossed at the different way they do things compared to what I am used to, but all in all it has been a positive experience. I've met plenty of interesting people, like Desiree's sons, and desiree himself, who I hope I'll be able to talk to sometime soon. And the gorgeous tiny Adeline, who gave new colors to my "Dr Tatiana's" book. Literally, since during lunch she was put to sleep in my bedroom and took some pens from my gf's purse and started scribbling not only the book, but the floor and the walls too!!! but she's so cute...

And I also enjoyed riding by bike the countryside around, I went on saturday for a two-hour long tour in the small dusty and rocky roads (pictures to follow). Incredibly funny, I thought I'd be out of breath after a couple km but no, I kept going and having fun like I did not since... I don't know, many years - on a bike.

The food was good too, the dinner with Marie's friends and relatives wasn't exactly african-themed, except for the "Lake Victoria's capitain" fish she roasted in the oven - and oh, the rwandese-grown avocados. A bit of Sardinia was present in the shape of deep-fried aubergibne with tomato sauce and dried ricotta cheese. I think they liked them.

That's it, for the moment, I have to go back to work and today is going to be heavy, with a brainstorm supposed to decide what the hell I am going to spend my bext few months on. Meeting for which I feel (I am) terribly unprepared. Gosh!

See you soon, and thanks for stopping by.

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