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Thursday, April 05, 2007

To teach, or not to teach?

Strangemaps has a map (d'uh!) showing whether "Evilution" is taught decently or not in the states of the Union. Kind of depressing, I would say. especially if you consider that many of the states were teaching of the subject is deemed satisfactory/good then you discover that may be human evolution isn't spoken off, or the theory is marred by creationist notions, and so on...

Some of the comments then are just complete rubbish:

# Evolutionism is the tinfoil hat atheists wear to keep God out of their brainwaves.
# There is a junkyard acroos the street, I don’t see it turning into an airplane.

Explain: Love, Guilt, Happiness, Sadness, Passion, Self-Control to me. How did evolution create those things?


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