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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Licensed to procreate

Stephen D Levitt makes the point on a recent study showing how anti-social behaviour of children can be significantly altered by training their parents to be better parents.

He concludes with a telling line:

This kind of study does make you wonder why, here in the U.S., where you must acquire a license to drive a car, sell real-estate, or hunt deer, there is no such license (or commensurate training) for raising children. I’m not saying there should be such a license.

Or maybe I am?

And this makes me think of a David Brin's short story in his collection "Otherness" (can't remember the novel title), where a woman goes to great lenghts to get a license-to-procreate, working while she attend a university level course - something I'd frankly make compulsory. I have seen enough children born by parents who just didn't know how to behave themselves.

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