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Monday, April 02, 2007

Sarda, I envy you...

Hi there again. slow pick-up today, after browsing the net this morning and updating this blog with ont or two posts haven't managed to do much else - bad since I'm supposed to fruitfully use this time :-|

Anyway,. I already cited the Fish Feet blog, right? Sarda has managed to do what I did not, despite all my passion for dinosaurs, have the courage to do: become a palaeontologist. Or at the very least, she's on her way to it. Her study encompass, in her own words, "the evolution of terrestrial communities". That is, everything above the shoreline. well, not exactly, i believe she focuses on terrestrial vertebrates, aka tetrapods (four feet) - which bizarrely include also humans and chickens.

Anyway, she surely has an interesting blog (differently from this one ah ah), so go and check it out!!! ;-)

by the way, "Sarda" is her real name and not an indication of her geographic origins. She's not from Sardinia (again, differently from me), rather from India. Where she is right now, the reason why her friend janine is filling in.

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