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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

difficult to work...

...when a crane is being mounted, suspended above your head - it makes you wary of it coming down to meet you.

Anyway, I pledged that I will work more and blog less today. Too much time wasted yesterday. I better start then. Ok after I finish this.

Yesterday I tried to repair an inflatable plastic pillow, using those high-pressure can of foam which are known in Italy as "Fast". I wanted to make it from a permanently deflating to a permanently inflated pillow. Without much success I am afraid. The connection wasn't perfect, so I sprayed foam all over my bathroom. Then it started leaking air/gas from the little hole. the hole may have been closed, but this morning the pillow was severely deflated. I wonder if it's worth giving it another blast... I'll use a football needle this time, though.


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