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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The case for Unidentified Flying Objects

aka UFOs. I believe that we've been visited. I mean, let's face it. the evidence is all around us. Who would dare to challenge or deny this fact?

Tha Nazca figures, Martin Mystere's Atlantidean gun, the recently unearthed archeological findings from Putifigari, in the island of Sardinia, which seems to confirm that this island was Plato's Atlantis; the rocky altars of this island, bearing surfaces of syntherised rock, clear indication of vertical landing and takeoff of rocket-powered vehicles.

Also, dinosaurs still survive in the oldest and inacessible region of the island, Aspromonte: Su Scultone.

Do you have any doubts that the land I come from is special, not to say magical and central to the planet. Let me tell you, the world's belly button isn't Easter Island, but rather Sardinia, the mopst savage and beautiful of them all.

ps: yes, this article is written tongue-in-cheek, I am just curious to see how many people would link it. :-P

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