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Thursday, April 05, 2007


If the traffic to this website continues to grow this way, almost exponentially, in a couple of months I will be read by more people than are actually on the planet - Don't hold me on that, I haven't done any calculation, it is just a rough guesswork.

Anyway, I don't think it will keep going like this, especially since i don't have much to talk about.

Today is my last day before a very short Easter break, I am leaving work this af'noon to drive down to Mechelen, open a bank accoutn where to put the deposit for the new apartment I am going to move in by the begin of june. Then I'll head off to Dilbeek to wait the night, and my girlfreidn will come out of a night watch the morning after.

And off we go to Anthisnes, to spend Easter with her family. I've already dismantled (literally) her bike, and put it in my car, I'll stick mine inside as soon as I cycle it back home. Then I am officially on holiday.

I don't actually feel like it, there's so much to do here at work... not that I feel like doing it either, otherwise it would not have accumulated...

I really have to start properly writing that damn paper on cardiovascular safety, everybody seems so excited about the results, but I am very bad at writing down things. Uh... must... force... myself.

Luca Off.

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