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Monday, April 02, 2007

More of my life...

The spider has reappared. I wonder where it (she?) spends the nights. the small one seem gome though. too bad for them.

Didn't see them for some time though. I have spent the weekend in Anthisnes, with my girlfriend and family. Saturday did suck a bit, rainy anjd cold, and was wandering on my own through Liege's mall. In the evening rwandese-populated dinner at an indian restaurant in Namur - the Taj Mahal - Bleagh. Frankly, my colleague Vikash cooks much better than that, and it's cheaper and more fcheerful too. We left very disappointed. Although I have to say, rwandese really do bitch when they have chosen the wrong place. Quite embarassing for me.

Sunday was wonderful though, sunny and may be a bit windy but nonetheless enjoyed a long walk in the countryside with Marie, while her mum dozed off after arriving from Africa. then I cooked lunch for everybody and the girls planned Easter and talked about... weddings as usual. boooooriiing, so I left to sleep.

That's it. Ah, no, on saturday I also bought a new set of speakers for my laptop. Wanted to buy those fancy ones with power through the USB port, but they came at a price, 1W RMS for 25EUR min (Samsung, 30 EUR for Trust, Logitech came at 50).
For 30 EUR I got a 2.1 set-up, mains-powered, 2 5W speaker plus a 7W subwoofer - and it's Logitech, a brand that's never disappointed me. I also started looking for a new digital camera, since i seem to have misplaced my old one. Pity, since if I really have lost it I will not be able to use the underwater shell any longer. It's very much camera-specific. Anyway, it was well time for me to change it, I have been longing for a decent zoom (at least 10x) for two years now, since I realised that 3x is barely noticeable and not at all useful for naturalistic pictures.

Couldn't find my old favourite though, the Konica Minolta Z-3 (or the Z-5). I am also wondering whether i should rather buy a 'proper' one, with interchangeable objectives - nothing too fancy, again, 5MP is fine for me, the important thing is to get a good generalist objective, plus one with serious punch in the occasions I am going to use it most - whatever they may be. mah?

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