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Thursday, April 12, 2007

See? what did I tell you?

I went to the science tab of the NYTimes and was graced by this interesting article about speed-dating. And how picky people spend more time actually discarding people, than looking for the right one, just because there's so much choice.

I've experienced this myself, not with girls (ah!) but whenever I've had to buy a piece of electronic equipment online. The easy availability of informations online pushes you to consider things in a digicam which you would never, in a more normal state of mind. I mean, does it really matter if it does have that feature that you'll use may be once or twice in five years? and even so, since you never have, you will forget about? Better to focus, spend a minimum time to have an overview, and then go with what's good enough for you. The same thing is, I guess, true for dating. Certainly, there may be someone perfect waiting for you. But is it likely that you'll meet him? And if so, is it likely to come home with you? Are you really the right person for him? If he's so good, what are the chances that he'll be free?

Funny that, when scientist analysed speed dating, they saw that people were less picky then than online. Part because the choice was limited, 20 people instead of 20 Millions: and part because they could see the competition right there, so they had a spur to settle for someone good enough and compatible, rather than buying time and wait for better offers at the next round. I wonder what would happen if a (pretty) actress was mixed in the bunch. Would the other girls be less picky? and would the males be more picky, seeing a nicer-than-average example?

and on the same topic, I did buy my car in a rush, when I saw that the one I was eyeing out were quickly disappearing. To avoid having to wait for the next round, I got one which I liked, enough, not in a supreme way, and got it. I am happy with it, apart for minor gripes.

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