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Monday, July 23, 2007

Last Saturday? I was there.

I went to the Gentse Feesten, la festa di Gent, a huge musical festival, with five or more simultaneous concerts ongoing throughout the old city.

It's a very nice city indeed, although this saturday was a tad crowded.

Music was good (although I am certainly not the reference ear), I switched between three groups of friends, italians, colleague and some flemish friends of a friend - plus, this
friend of mine (Daniele) truly is a girls-magnet, and hooked up three very young and pretty italian-speaking (and -loving) flemish girls at a bar, just by standing there. What's the secret of his animal magnetism? who knows? Most likely, the fact that he's natural and outgoing. differently from me, introverse and grumpy at times.

Anyway, it was good, but I hope I'll get there sometimes soon with the same nice weather and less crowd, to have a look at the REAL Gent.

wanna see more pictures? have a look here (may be I'll be within the crowd, who knows?)

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