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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Hi There!!!

here comes my own blog!!! I'll try to make it interesting to put in every nice thing it happens to me and things that I found interesting for whomever may happen to come and snoop around... I'll try to balance italian and english in here, or may be I'll split it in two blogs... well, that's it for my first post, you all have fun reading it (if/when I remember to update it from time to time)

Anyway, here's a brief starter for you all:

My name is Luca, and the nickname 'gufodotto' comes from my boy-scout past. I shoudln't say anything about it, but that was my totem name. so, my totem animal is the owl, il gufo, a wise one like in Bambi...

Other than spending my infancy in the boy scouts and reading (comic)books, I'm a chemist by training, and have been in the UK for the past four years and a half. After that, came a Sardinian interlude where I managed (not) to write my PhD thesis, get dumped by my ex-GF and realise that, after all, I've plenty of friend still and that's something to rejoice for.

Of course, after this incredible enlightenment I had to leave, and flew over to the flattest/rainiest place in the world, Belgium... Here I am starting a PostDoc in ADME-Tox research for Janssenn, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. You may have read of Janssenn if you have read your Imodium box... Anyway, I don't do anti-dyarrhea treatments.

What I do is actually much nicer, and is an attempt to minimise the use of animals in drug testings. So, don't start complaining about being sold to multi-nationals and such. It's full of nice people, here, and some of your firends/parents may be dead if it weren't for them. and there's no secret hide of drugs prepared but not marketed... Just be happy that if I do my work right, less rabbit will have to donate their life. so , please encourage me

Ok, I've bored you enough, I better get back to my hide. but you're welcome to come again ;-)

Luca aka gufodotto


Setyawan said...

great idea bro.
Blog url :

Anonymous said...

Da grande pianificatore quale sei, c'era proprio bisogno di qualcosa che tracciasse anche il tuo passato! Continua così!