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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Starting to work

So, I'm starting to work, finally. I'm just tired of idling my thmbs to death... and the sunshine outside just gives me a ton of energy to spare...

what am I working on? as I previously said, the objective is to save rabbit lives (and coincidentally money) by keeping high the CV safety of drugs... keeping it simple, I'm now trying to play with some in-house data to see whether the various tests performed to assess CV safety really correlates to each other. wish me good luck...


mario said...

What the goaty hell CV stand for...???
And juan is right we still waiting for cheese, but the francese is wrong about the name; it's pecorino :-D.

If you can't remeber our adress let me know.


Gufo said...

sorry mario,

CV stands for Cardio-Vascular.

and sorry for the cheese, too. But I can't send what I don't have right now. As soon as I get back home, I'll send you some. I do keep my promises