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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Hi everyone,

this is my first day as a commuter... well, as a car commuter, since until now I did the same
but by bus. so, to be sure I could find an easy spot to park my unwieldy Audi A4, I decided to get to work at... 6.30AM!!! OMG...

So, if you happen to pass in Belgium, be aware that the fifth Apocalypse Horseman has been unleashed!!! Wroooommm...

1 comment:

juan said...


In france usually people with big cars have smalls d...

But ou will never be able to compet with my red thunderbolt (well on mountain raod anyway) luca no matter how hard you try.
So keep taking the bus ;)

See you



BTW We still wait for the Fu..... cheese mate