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Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to me...

happy birthday to me...

Hi everybody, I'm 32 today... since the crucial date of 33 (Jesus Christ's age) is approaching, I thought about making a balance of my life to date:

- find a nice girlfriend (check)
- starting a family (on the way there)
- being liked by my friends (check... ehr... right?)
- getting a degree (check and a half)
- getting a job (half-check)
- starting my own religion (to do)
- lifting one hundred Kg on the bench (check)
- parachuting (to do)
- win the nobel prize (to do)

I believe it's all... I guess this puts me above JC in the list of accomplished things. after all, He didn't have a degree, one of his friends betrayed him to death, and as for girlfriend... well, let's skip over it. Over all, he only managed to start a religion, ad get hung like a thief. sad uh? Luckily, I am here to dave the day... Ok I stop being such a pun and start my first honest day of work as a thirty-two year old... what? boy? man? bah, whatever...

a zent'annos!


juan said...


You should kill the bastard who put the S near to the D on the keyboard as well ;)

See you around owlman

Take care


PAC said...

Buon Compleanno! Vedo che un tantino ti pesa (l'età, non il bilanciere)! E quanti impegni e progetti per il futuro... per conto mio posso contribuire solo all'adempimento del terzo punto :-)! Ciao! p.s. Ma sei proprio tu nella foto?

Gufo said...

yes poac, it's me on the picture... couldn't be arsed to put it the right way though...

juan, what's up with the s and the d on the kb? asd asd asd...