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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Been away...

I've been away from blogging the whole weekend and a bit more... too much to do... wanted to polish up one more chapter of my thesis, then spend some time with my sweet half... which ended up mostly putting up furnitures for her house, and fixing a leaking shower head. Good plumber. I did train on my own two days before ;-)

Now I'm back on track, that is, at work, trying to select a deent set of molecules to perform aa evaluation of the different pKa prediction software available in house.

As an aside, it looks like my 250GB collection of movies is lost, since my usb hard drive decided to go on strike after I turned off the computer while it was performing a check on it. Bad luck.

I've re-installed the USB port now, trying to get it to recognise it again as a new thing and re-mount it from scratch. we'll see tonitgh if this works. Otherwise, i guess I'll have to find a way to format it.

It doesn't mount on linux anymore. but may be fdisk will be able to format the device nonetheless.
finger crossed. anyway, I'm going to buy a WD 500GB USB HD for 200€ in Carrefour, as soon as I can. Chissa' perche' capitano tutte a me...

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