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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Departed

So, yesterday I almost forced my GF to watch this movie, which had been setting top of my list since last week. What can I say? very very nice movie, although I admit that I may have missed some nuances of the plot and dialogues. Sharp and hard on all accounts, it eaves you hoping until the end that things will turn for the better, but no, they just go down to hell... It's nice to get an american movie without the feel-good Hollywood ending, from time to time...

So, did it deserve the 4 oscars? I don't know - Martin Scorses was long due for one, sure... Best writing, probably yes. I liked the idea - the symmetric play remindimg me of a chess game, where every opponent has the same pieces and the same likelihood of victory (at least, thisi is what I believe in my ignorance). Bes Editing, most likely, although haven't had the time to check the other nominated for this. But as I said, it's sharp, with no unnecessary scenes. Best movie? It certainly is a good one. I voted it a 9 on the imdb - very good but not perfect - not one of those movies which win your heart. Well, not mine.

But I'd suggest anybody to watch it - that is, anybody who doesn't mind seeing some ten brain splattered on walls.


Anonymous said...

fyi scorsese didn't write the story. it came off a hongkong movie. i watched it like 5 years ago

Anonymous said...

oh ya the title was "infernal affairs" maybe you could look it up

Gufo said...

Thanks for letting me know.

Is there any story that Hollywood doesn't rip off someone else?