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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Color Blindness

I came to this wikipedia page on color blindness while I was reading Carl Zimmer (yes, again)
talking about rats with human vision.

Both pages are quite interesting, with the wikipedia finally clarifying my ideas on daltonism (from John Dalton, famous chemist who (first?) described his own condition. Zimmer's piece, instead, focuses on the evolution of our very special color vision - special since apes, differently from most mammals, do have three receptors (RGB) rather than just two (GB). So scientist added the missing Red pigment genes, which in our case is just a duplicated and mutated version of the green pigment. But how about the brain? we have specialised structure to make sense of the added information - could mice do the same? apparently so. Come on, check it out in the original piece.

(piccie stolen from the loom)

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