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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Eran Trecento, giovani e forti...

e sono morti...

yes I am talking about the Termopilae battle, and the new movie 300 based on Frank miller's comic which re-tells the story.

My dear friend daniele is longing to see it, although the NY Times review I sent him didn't quite covince him. I couldn't be bothered to read it. But I did check the IMDB, and the movie has quite a high rating, at 8.4. Not half bad, having jumped as high as #156 in the best 250 movies ever (for the voters of the site). Unless the 17848 voters are all Miller fanboys, i can't see how the movie can't be bad. I'll check it out, then.

I guess there will not be much suspense, though, with the ending known since two thousand and a half years... :-|

for some reviews in italian, go here.

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