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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Galaxy Dust

The stars like dust was one of Asimov's (worst) novel in the future history going from the robot's civilisations (I, Robot - The Naked Sun...) and the Foundation Cycle. In fact the Galactic Empire Cycle did suck, exception made for Pebble in The Sky (Paria dei Cieli), who told the story of a twentieth century man time-dislocated to this far-future where the galactic Empire is in full swing but planet Earth is barren with radioactive zones and only few survivors live in it as Pariahs.

But even Asimov could not imagine a dust made of... galaxies!!! The two big ones merging in front are quite known, although the name escapes me at the moment. Something like Tadpole's Galaxies.

- update: the one above being an artist rendering, and a crap one at that, I am posting below a real picture taken by Hubble:

click on it to get the full resolution: JPEG - 4.48 MB(2476 x 1669 pixels)

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