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Friday, July 20, 2007

New Media

The Economist interviews eminent voices on the emergence of new media such as blogs, wikis, and youtube.

  • The Long Tail - Chris Anderson April 20th 2006
    “When the tools are spread ubiquitously, talent will rise out, luck will rise out, and being in the right place at the right time will rise out, and suddenly you will see the content just emerging whether it meant to or not.”

    David Sifry, Technorati
    April 20th 2006
    “The people formerly known as your audience, or the people formerly known as consumers, are now participants in the process of building your brand.”

    Jerry Michalcki on Wikis April 20th 2006
    “Companies are tantalized by the prospects of blogs and wikis, terrified by the risks and potential negative outcomes of doing it wrong.”

    Paul Saffo on Blogs April 20th 2006
    “This is an age of electronic incunabula... It's a capital 'R' revolution.This is an age of electronic incunabula... It's a capital 'R' revolution.”

    Andreas Kluth, Intro April 20th 2006
    “In the participatory era, media will no longer be delivered one way from a media company to an audience...but by audience members to other audience members. The distinction between content creators and consuming audiences first gets blurry and then disappears completely...Instead of media being delivered as a sermon or lecture, it becomes a conversation among the people in the audience”

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