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Sunday, August 05, 2007

-2 to the Ph-Day

Only two days left before I face the panel, defend my thesis and hopefully get back home (via Brussel->Frankfurt) with three more letters in my business card.

To say the truth, i just want to get this over, I am not particularly tense for this, I just hope that the discussion will be interesting and science based, and I'll get back home with not too many corrections, so to improve the final version before sending it to the printer.

Today, though, is a day busy with other things. Have to get to brussel's midi market to get traditional sardinian sausages and cheese for my hosts in soton, then off to the station to grab my Euro* ticket. May be I'll pay visit to some friends having a picnic in Tervuren, if I don't feel to guitly. Otherwise, i'#ll read the final chapter of my thesis once more to preempt questions.

Failure to prepare is prepare to fail, said Gerry Halliwell.

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