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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to Blog

... and back to work too.

After ten days spent in Sardinia, between two weddings (again, my congrats to Giangi and Alessandra, and Miriam and Manlio - I reallly appreciated the parties)

Sardinia was wonderful this time of the year, with clear blue skies and a diamond sun shining. I even managed a brief escape to the sea, Platamona was clear as crystal and inviting...

Mostly, I messed about with old and new friends, and wasted some mornings looking for a gps/pda substitute to my defunct Mio. I ended up being disappointed and decided to try and resuscitate it. Hack!

In the next few days, I shall try to post something.

I am still working part time on my paper, may be i'll post some layman explanations since they keep coming in my mind and I can't fit them in the boring and uninteresting scientific style requested by todays publications.

Man, this sucks. You hope to be the next Carl Zimmer, instead you found yourself forced to be the next George Bush. Ok, may be not that bad, but definitely boring. Ugh!

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