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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Again on Gorillas

Seen yesterday Long Way Down's Episode where they are in Rwanda. Ewan Mc Gregor goes through Rwanda by Motorbike and stops by the national Park to see the Gorillas.

I am not sure they would let 'normal people get so close to them, but if they do, I understand why the prices are so high. They will want to keep visits to a minimum (once a day, at dusk) yet have enough money to run the conservation program off it.

All in all, it seemed a pretty well-run operation, and since the experience must be soo fantastic I am reconsidering it. Trouble is, there may be not any ticket left for when we'll arrive there. Well, in case may be I'll come back another time.


Luca said...

Yes you can definitely. The regulation should be at least 15 meters from the group (if I remember exactly) but usually the rangers leave you to get closer, between 10 and 5 mt. In addition, when I was there, a baby gorilla arrived even closer showing was great!
The number of permissions is such a pain...usually you have to book many months before but I hope you will be lucky and find a place!

Gufo said...

Hi there,

we'll see if we get to go. as you said, the bookng is lenghty but since most of us are locals it may be easier... otherwise, it'll be for next time...