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Friday, February 22, 2008

We are moving...

Following the example of the Rabbit, I may soon be moving to WordPress, importing all my old post and such over there.

The reason, quite simply, is the lack of pre-made 3-columns templates on Blogger.

I know I could modify myself the html to allow for that, but I can't be arsed. After all, that's the age of internet 2.0, we users are not supposed to know what html is, exactly like you don't need to know electronics to operate a TV. And since I am no enginneer and want a wide-screen blog in these times of wide-everything, I am getting a new one exactly how I would get a new TV.

It's as simple as that.

So, you will temporarily be able to find me at:

Upload your blogrolls then...

PS: I will possibly use the opportunity to start another, science-only related blog. I haven't decided yet what its name is going to be, but I will try to write down a diary of what my work is about... Let's see how it shapes up...

1 comment:

PAC said...

Hi Gufo! I wuold like to comments your "problems" with blogger.

Three columns templates does exists, and are easy to useand install: lock at this page

Web 2.0: his semplicity concerns usability and not how it works,as far as i know... Consider two of my favorite 2.0 websites, and : they both use Ajax, a technology that makes work actively the client pc alongside the servers. That is, a more coplicated technology than LAMP (linux+apache+php+mysql) or similar solutions...

In other words: following your example, is easy to buy a tv and of course is easy to by a pc, it's easy to change channel using the remote control and it's easy to post an article or make a powerpoint presentation, but i'm pretty sure you never had build up a TV channel, so before you begin to create yourself more problems other then that you want, consider that installing correctly a website is just the same level of difficulty.
A difficulty that Blogger hides to you :)

Nevertheless you may want to have a more powerfull blog, it's your right, in that case i recommend that you ask to do that to an IT professional (be aware that an engineering degree it's not required to qualify someone in that way, only experience can do that...).
He will buid up the appropriate enviroment (that could be one or more blogs, or a blog plus a Wiki, or a CMS, depending on your needs). Tha will let you concentrate on the things that matters to you, that is quality of contents :)

Remember the words of our friend "admin": when something is simple, there is someone that works hard to make it so!

Last advice: building up more blogs will make blogging more like a job for you, rather than a relaxing moment, IMHO. So, make a clear plan in advance of what you want to achive and then chose the appropiate tools :)

bye! (and sorry for my "inglisc", of course :) )