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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Muton! Muton! Muton!!!

I keep receiving hits coming from a blog which I linked long time ago, when I foudn out about the Hyena's oddness...

I went back to the same, to discover that there's a new phallic-post*: the author just discovered a phallus impudicus in his garden. This is a particularly stinky mushroom with very strong resemblance to an erect penis, as the picture in his website can testify.

This mushroom also has other interesting aspects, such as its tremendous force when coming up from the ground. Apparently, it can break through tarmac, exerting a force of 1.33KN (that is, it can lift a person weighting 133Kg. next time you feel something pushing you from the floor, move aside... :-)

*: it's not that I'm particularly interested in phallic posts, mind you. It's just that the coincidence was quite surprising.

if you want some less phallic posts, just scroll the blog up and down :-)

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