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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

diary of a cold day...

You wake up in the morning. I mean, before it. kinda 5.30, 'cause your room's noisy heating started, and you crawl to the bathroom to turn it on there too. hate this old house. no double glazing and directly under-the-roof.
Cold as frozen hell.
uhm, I better pee before going back to bed. if only for half an hour. you never know.


vrrr... vrrr... piripi piripi beep vrrr... my mobile alarm... Zelda's catch a treasure ringtone from the other mobile, receiving an sms from google calendar to wake me up... bang them on the wall but one of them keep buzzing...

Ok I get it... get up and reach the microwave, with your eyes closed and a bottle in your hands.
I just hope it's milk, not the sardinian blueberry spirit. that wouldn't wake me up, not really.

mug, sugar, milk (or mirto), soluble coffee, chocolate powder. microwave for two'. drink. shower. no wait, first weight yourself, let's see if your body fat %age has changed thanks to those eight lanes in the swimming pool y/day. nope. not a chance.

never mind, quick shower and hunt for lean socks. cotton or wool t-shirt? It's cool in the house, just imagine what it must be outside. animals move, plants don't, I need to move so it's wool. two layers of it. three if you count the jacket. need a new one damn, one of those fancy new multi-coloured american-style kinda of rocky mountain trekker that my indian colleague appreciates. may be next weekend. if I get paid, that is.

OK. trainer shoes on, no I'm not gonna run but they're the most comfortable. sorry love, am not going to look smart and sharp today. too cold outside for my sardinian blood.

off we go... down the stairs (lazy, with the elevator - lift for you englishmen out there)

in the car. no wait! it's all frozen. uhm may be I want to scrape the ice from the windscreen? why cars don't come with automated functions for this? I mean, it happens regularly in half of the EU. how hard can it be to wire some wires (ouch!) in the front windscreen like in the back? never mind scrap scrap scrape, it's done.

jump into the car and rush to work... brr... freezing cold. why do I have to get here before seven? I don't know. that's life I suppose.

well never mind. let's try to start working before ten, for a change. see you later...

update: nice sunny day, although this pale fusion ball blazing up there can't warm up this place above freezing point. it's a miracle that life can survive in these conditions. I mean, i look at the grass outside the window, covered in sparkling ice crystals, and I know it's alive. isn't this wonderful?

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