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Monday, February 05, 2007


My Girlfriend kind of shocked me when she told me that the lions in the Rwanda's National Park were killed by shepherd who didn't want the big cats to hunt on the cows, illegally present in the park itself... This is the only link I can find regarding the things or some thing similar... You would think OK, this is Africa so you can't expect people to be reasonable about conservation when they need to feed their children...

But how about the rich US? First in the world they established a national Park, Yellowstone. And now they're taking it down piece by piece... Until 2000, snowmobiles were free to roam inside the park, disturbing animals, but also ruining the experience of more quiet human visitors. Measures to regulate and control the access were put in place, but have been the object of various reversal at the hand of local business and generally Bush-appointed administrators. Now they're trying to triple the number of snowmobiles allowed per day...
Tutto il mondo e' paese, we say in Italy. All the world is the same... Shame.

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