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Sunday, February 04, 2007

So, now it's 90% true...

Are we going to do something about it? I thinl not.

Sadly, but "very likely" true, Jeremy Clarkson is right when he says that rather than discussing on how to stop Global Warming, we better focus on trying to solve the problems it will cause. in his words: I am also fearful that unless we stop thinking of ways to prevent global warming, and start to address the problems it will cause when it gets here, our children are going to finish their days in an overcrowded, superheated vision of hell.

But I just don't see China and the US willing to cut down on their economies to avoid the looming disaster. Not that we europeans are withut fault. after ll, we buy stuff from china and pretend low prices, all of which drives their environmentally unfriendly economy.

Pessimism and depression only, on this blog - I'm disilluded... As a species, we could have achieved so much, instead we are squandering the family fortunes and ruining the very same shop which keeps us live. Hopefully, the next species up will do better...

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