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Friday, February 02, 2007

Billy is dead... :-(

I am probably some five years late here... but hey...

I was watching an episode of Ally McBeal, and billy just died. in two episodes, he discovered a brain tumor (in his ass apparently), then he just died for a massive brain hemorrage (again in his ass, which would qualify them as hemorroids too, I guess).

Pretty sad episode. It almost made me cry... the idea of losing someone you REALLY love has a great effect on me... That LOSS sensation, the fact that you realise you'll never be able to talk to him/her again... It's hard to cope with, for us... :-|

Enough sadness now. It's almost the weekend, I've taken half-a-day off so that I can rush down to Ardennes (almost there, Anthisnes).

There (where the arrow points to) I'll meet my girlfriend's family for a reunion and a dinner. where as far as I understand I'll have to prepare something. Pasta with Bottarga, I guess. what else? (NB: I make it differently than in the recipe linked.)

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